How To Brand Yourself

In 2017, everybody knows that branding is important. You know how a brand can resonate with a consumer and drive key purchasing decisions.  You also know that strong brands can endure harsh economic climates You know that businesses need brands, but do you know how to brand yourself? Why you need to brand yourself Right now your […]

Hey, you! I’ve got some personal branding tips for your… Yeah, you!  The Social Media Extraordinaire who can navigate Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in the blink of an eye! Those cat pictures are really cute, aren’t they? And oh man, those pictures from Mindy Pickens’s 21st birthday party back in college!  Good times, good times! […]

There’s no question that companies can build their products and services into brands of sizes that eclipse understanding (hello, Pepsi, Burger King, World Wildlife Fund), but can a person? The good news is, yes! You’re going to have to work hard to brand yourself, but you can do it, and there’s help available! Branding Yourself […]

If you have ever tried to have a conversation about branding yourself online, it can seem like a difficult and daunting thing. But don’t let that scare you away! There are simple and easy ways to improve your online image. Start today by using these seven tricks to build a strong persona on the web. […]

Personal branding is when you market yourself to promote your career or business as a brand. Your brand is the image people think of when they hear about something you created or something you support. So, why is personal branding important? It is vital to have a personal brand for businessmen and women who are […]

The importance of your personal brand, from your photos to your written profile(s) to your social media presence, make all the difference when it comes to marketing yourself and your business. Luckily, we put together a list of personal branding examples that are sure to inspire. If you’ve ever wondered where to start, or how […]