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claire bahn

Claire Bahn

Claire Bahn is the CEO and Founder of Stratus Branding and Claire Bahn Group. She is a marketing executive with extensive experience in user acquisition, lead generation (specifically MQLs).

Claire's expertise also includes experiential marketing, sponsorship, event production, SEM, social media marketing, influencer marketing, content creation, project management, and public relations. She has also produced best-in-class experiential events for executives and high net worth guests with budgets of $15 Million or more.

She has worked with Fortune 500 companies like SAP, Instanet (a Reuters Company), Foresight Intelligence, and KPMG to name a few. She’s been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, This Week in Startups with Jason Calacanis, MarketWatch, and Ticker Australia to name a few.

Claire has a strong work ethic, is dependable, consistent, and trustworthy. During her tenure as part of my team, she managed large complicated global projects and delivered outstanding results.

—Chris Burton

Gordon Gooch

Gordon Gooch COO of Stratus Branding and Claire Bahn Group is a marketing executive with expertise in Digital Marketing Strategies.

Gordon's expertise includes lead generation and developing MQLs for our clients. He also is a leading expert in SEO, Programmatic advertising, PPC, Social Media, and influencer marketing.
He specializes in implementing multifaceted marketing programs to maximize exposure, combining traditional SEO best practices, social media, and branding to dramatically increase visibility, lead generation, and trust.

gordon gooch

Gordon embodies a unique combination with his affable demeanor and business acumen and is a very positive force to work with, especially in a high-stress environment. I'd work with him again in an instant and wholeheartedly endorse him.

—Lee Corkran

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